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Resham Herbals

About Resham Herbals

Henna is the dried leaf and stem powder of the plant 'Lawsonia Inermis', a small bush that grows in hot climates like that of India, Sudan, Egypt, etc.

It grows where the minimum temperature is 11 degree centigrade. In India- Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh & Punjab farm Henna, primarily to be sold as a hair dye. Rajasthani Henna farms often produce body art quality henna.

Indian Henna is known as the best coloring henna in the world. It is being used since 5000 years. Its allergic reactions are very rare and the application is quite simple.

No other substance, whether organic or synthetic, strengthens your hair and gives it shine- as effectively as herbal henna. Its molecules have a chemical affinity with the hair molecules and thus, pigments can pass freely into the hair.

Farmers have increased henna plantation every year, with the Asian Development Bank lending money and expertise to farmers so that they can increase production, raise production over a tonne per hectare and reduce labor.

The world demand for high quality henna is increasing, both for safe hair dyes and for body quality henna.

Resham range from Rising Sun includes an assortment of products consisting of Henna for hair and hands, Henna based hair colors, Amla & Jasmine oil, Coconut serum, etc. Resham herbal hair colors give superior grey coverage, enriched with actives and herbal extracts.

Resham henna for hands and feet has been credited as the purest organic henna. It is double filtered, 100% safe and contains no chemicals or dyes. This henna prevents skin from dryness even when it is fading out.

Resham Amla hair oil is enriched with the goodness of Amla to give hair complete nourishment and make them strong and long.

Resham Coconut hair serum is enriched with Rosemary oil & Vitamin D. It controls frizziness, detangles hair and makes it manageable & strong.

Resha Almond oil is a blend of pure almonds and Vitamin E. Regular massage with almond oil makes muscles strong, removes dryness, ichiness and is anti-ageing.

Resham Jasmine amla hair oil, as the name suggests, is filled with the goodness of Amla to make hair strong and long. It is light, non-greasy and has a fresh fragrance.

The entire range of Resham celebrates the goodness of herbs, extracts and other natural ingredients that have been used, cherished and revered as the 'best' for hair care in India for centuries.

With the Resham range, Rising Sun takes these products to a global stage.